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Go Dutch

Go Dutch is a check splitter application for Android based devices and will help you split the bill amount at restaurants. Go Dutch does a fair division of total amount based on what each person ordered rather than just calculating tip & dividing it equally among all participants


I would like to thank Daniel B. Rubin the original author of the product idea for allowing me to port it over to Android. He has already built a iPhone version of this application called Check Split, go check it out at


The features I am thinking of to put in Go Dutch will basically be same has check splitter but with few changes to suit my use cases. Below is a draft laundry list of features
  • Save bills for future reference.
  • Ability to include people to party from the existing contact list of the phone (as well has ad-hoc entries)
  • Normally in our dutch parties here, one or two person will pay the full amount, and rest of the people will pay them later. Go Dutch will have a feature to show who owes money to whom and how much.
  • Option to calculate tip/tax amount based on a percentage of the total or manually entering the amount (which how we normally pay here).
  • ... More will be added as we go

Bit of history/philosophy

I was trying to venture into mobile application development and was looking for a good project that can provide me enough learning and the product itself could be used in real life. I came across the Check Splitter application for iPhone from Daniel at It uses many widgets, not heavy on graphics and I could use it for myself once it is done :o). So I though it would be fun to port it over to Android platform. I wrote an email to Daniel asking if it was ok to copy the idea. Daniel was generous enough to grant me the permission to port. And so it began, my learning of mobile platorms in general and android in specific which will eventually be a product that I and my friends can use in real life.

The reason I am making this open source is because I have learn't a lot from other open source projects and I feel obliged to contribute something back to the community. I hope this project will help others to learn this great new technology. I also don't want to make money with this one, but future projects will probably not free. However I would still like to keep the source code open so that it thrive from the vast experiences and creativity available in the community. I don't know if there is a license which says "hey here is the source, go take it, build it, change it, learn from it, but if you want to use the final product for personal/commercial use, please pay for it", that will be a darn good license.

I am a software developer and work for a reputed firm, this is only my part time hobby kind of stuff. As such I have no strick timelines defined for this project but roughly I should be done by a month or so.


I am doing my development on windows platform, below are the specifics
  • Windows 7 RC buil 7100
  • Android SDK 1.5 R1
  • Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) with Android ADT plugin v0.91
  • Subeclipse plugin v1.6.x for Eclipse to version control with CodePlex
Apart from Windows in the above list, rest of the items are all new to me. This will be a fun ride.

Other Resources

  • Android Developers is a great resource for anyone who is begining with Android development.
  • I will occasionally post something over my blog. Check for Go Dutch specific posts here
  • Original Check Splitter application by Daniel for iPhone is available here. He has made a nice screen cast vide which gives you an idea how this will work. Go Dutch may/may not use similar interface, but the basic idea is the same.

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